Title of the Journal

Labour and Society

Beginning of Publication

January 2004



Aim of the Journal

To publish academic studies on labour relations, social policy, economic policy, labour law and social security.

Principles of the Journal

To publish academic papers in the light of the principles confirmed in the international arena and in accordance with the scientific ones.

Content of the Journal

Research papers or academic studies are published at first place. At the last section of the Journal, the judgements of the Supreme Court, European Court of Justice and the Federal Court of Germany take place.

Assessment of the Articles Forwarded to the Journal
The articles are, at first, analysed by the editor and the Editorial Board in terms of scientific expression and writing principles. Then, the articles confirmed are sent to three referees well-known with their publications in their fields. According to the decisions of the referees, the paper is published either directly or on condition that it’s to be amended, or its publication is rejected. The reports of referees are kept strictly confidential in the archives of the journal for five years. The details concerning the policy of the journal and the writing principles can be found at the end of the journal. For the matters not brought up, the secretary can be called.