Note to Contributors:

    1. Papers sent to the Journal should be unpublished elsewhere. In case the papers are accepted for publication, Labour and Society owns the publication rights.

    2. The publication language of the journal is Turkish. However, the papers in foreign languages can also be published.

    3. Papers should be sent to the postal or e-mail address of the editor or journal.

    4.The initial assessment of the papers is made by the Editorial Board and then the papers are sent to the referees.

    5. The computer by which the paper is written should be compatible with the PC. If Microsoft of Macintosh-based programmes are used as the main programme, Microsoft Word, Rag Time, Ready Set Go or Design Studio should be used as the writing programme. The papers should be written on A4 paper, with two spaces, 12 point and Times New Roman as typing character.

    6. No matter in which language the paper is written in, the key words no more than five, an abstract no more than 150 words in both Turkish and English should be accompanied.

    7. To facilitate the assessment, a cover page should be made up. In this page, the title of the article, the name and title of the author, and the institution they work in, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address should take place. But, the information regarding the identity of the author shouldn’t be included at the first page, only the title of the paper and the abstracts in Turkish and English should be included.

    8. At the end of the paper, the resources referred to should be given. In case the footnotes are used, the information on the author, date, name of the book, publisher, and publication place should be given subsequently. Names of books and journals should be written in italic type, and the papers should be given in a single inverted comma. At the first usage, the full name of the author (name and surname together) should be cited. By preference, first letter of the first name can be used. After that, the first letter of the first name and the full surname should be written, while the list of the references are made, first the surname and then first name should be followed.


    Erinç Yeldan (2001). Küreselleşme Sürecinde Türkiye Ekonomisi, İletişim Y., İstanbul, p. 11.


    Bayraktutan, Yusuf  (2004). Global Ekonomide Bütünleşme Trendleri, Nobel Y., Ankara.

    9.    Tables, figures and the appendices, if any, should be numbered consecutively and titled.

    10.  The whole responsibility of published study is undertaken by the author(s).

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